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::::Massage Add On's


...Add On's are a wonderful way to tweak your massage experience. You can indulge and treat your body to some of the world's Top Products and experience Healing Practices that date back 2500 to 3000 years. I pride myself in offering ONLY the best products I have found.

I have studied and completed my masters with 2 Master Reiki Teachers & 2 Sekhem - Seichim Master Teachers (SSR, SHKM), Qi Gong, other modalities include Biogenesis, Swerdlow Hyperspace techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation, crystal healing, aromatherapy, essential oils, sound healing, brain therapy just to name a few.



Young Living Essential Oils

Member Number 363683

These products will be available soon for purchase.

This is the prim of D'Prim! It is the highest quality therapeutic essential oil that is on the market today. Most claim to be PURE oils, but they are not PURE (one type) oils, most other brands are mixed with PURE carrier oils which therefore dilutes the qualities that we seek when using the oil for the therapeutic qualities.

In History's most advanced ancient civilizations, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, all relied on nature's essential oils to increase and maintain health of the body, mind, and spirit. Young Living restores this lost wisdom by providing pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-enhanced products. Young Living's commitment to quality, purity, and efficacy has produced an exceptional product line. We invite you to experience our unique story, extraordinary products, and passion for a better quality of life.

With YOUNG LIVING you get PURE essential Oils! They also blend oils to be synergetic with each other. This is the LEADING company in essential oils and it is the BEST available!



Scrubs and body polishes are suitable and safe for just about everyone. It's not an invasive treatment, and doesn't involve you assuming any odd positions.

You should not have a scrub if you have cancer or if you have a fever. You should also seek expert advice if you are allergic to anything or have a skin condition of any kind.

Anyone with fragile, broken or sunburnt skin is well advised to skip this treatment as well, as a very vigorous scrub may hurt more than heal, however this is really something that a good therapist will take into account.

Some conditions make some products, and some kinds of scrub a bad idea for you. As with all spa treatments, make sure you are clear about any medical condition you have, or treatment you are receiving, so that you can be sure of a treatment that is safe and appropriate for you.



Scrubs, Polishes and Mudd



This relaxing session will leave you feeling and looking radiant, and your skin will thank you for it. Scrubs and Polishes are similar, scrubs are more abrasive, where polishes are more refined.


If you want to feel relaxed, pampered and renewed, then a scrub is right for you. The exfoliation process of a body scrub make's your skin glow and retain moisture, as well as stimulate circulation. Typically, the body is moistened with warm water, then the scrub is applied an lightly massaged on the skin, warm water is reapplied to the area and as the scrub is manipulative it melts and exfoliates the skin.

Most body scrubs are offered as a gentle process of exfoliation, called polishes. The spa's have capitalized on this and the vigorous more direct method of exfoliation has been lost, I offer both. Having a scrub before you self-tan is also an excellent idea, as the skin is much more absorbent for any body bronzing you may choose. Cold air and winds can make the skin dehydrated, dull and flaky.

Normally the entire body, from your feet to your neck is scrubbed (except the private, personal areas), the whole body will be delighted with either the sumptuous sugar or salt scrub. Your Skin will be renewed; the feel and touch of it will be amazing. After the scrub is completed, a warm shower will remove any residue and prepare you for your massage. You will instantly see a result, feel the difference and pamper your largest organ of the body.

Body scrubs are created with exotic salts, such as those from the Dead Sea, which is known for its rich minerals and healing properties. Others are made with sugar and often blended with aromatherapy oils or organic ingredients that help refresh and renew the skin. These ingredients are combined with other purifying agents to detox and soothe the skin.

Body Mudd are all the rage now, and normally follow a vigorous scrub for best results. The body mudd is about connecting and relaxing within, and provides benefits to the body. They are formulated for your body type and can be designed to address personal issues.

Mudd is a bit thicker and is applied by either a brush or hand. As it is smeared over your skin, after your body is covered it is then wrapped in thermal sheets and then a secured with a blanket. This keeps you warm and allows the product to penetrate the skin.

Benefits of a Mudd enhance and moisturize the skin, decrease excess water, improve texture and appearance of the skin. In addition to these amazing benefits it draws toxins out of the body and allows the skin to become more hydrated, renewed, and refreshed. By removing toxins you can boost your metabolism, and it assists the lymphatic system also.


Body wraps & contouring are becoming the ultimate detoxing treatment on the market. The wraps can consist of different mediums, which target specific areas for optimum personalization and effect.

Wraps allows a deep state of relaxation, after personalizing your session the product is then applied and you are wrapped in a cloth and then a thermal blanket, You feel like you are resting in a warm and relaxing cocoon. Some of the benefits are detoxification, skin softening, texture improvement and appearance, hydration, helps tighten loose skin.

Contouring bodywraps have all the above benefits, plus allows compression on the cells and tissues removing excess fluid and toxins, can firm loose skin and treat the unsightly appearance of cellulite. After this service you may fine that you have lost inches around the waistline. Spot contouring can be done to target those hard to work areas. Both types of wraps can boost the lymphatic system and metabolism.


ReiKi uses energy to relax the client to the alpha state. Alpha waves are recognized as the brain waves that smooth, relax, calm, sometimes described as pleasant drifting feelings or emotions. As the energy of ReiKi is introduced, it goes into the body and is stored in the different layers of the energetic fields until the time it can incorporate in to the client. At that time it starts to clear and balance the blocks in the energy field. The human body is made up of different energy layers, commonly called bodies. When a block is in the energy field it creates a transparent eggshell that traps energy and slowly starts changing the vibrational signature to something one is predispose to genetically. Then this dis-ease starts to manifest in the physical body.

When the Reiki session first begins, the practitioner makes contact with the client using a hand position on the body. Reiki starts working on the physical dimension and flows into the body in gentle waves and begins to relax the mind. It starts to release the stress held in various organs, working on the abnormal cells, bones and even begins to purify the blood.

Reiki then flows to the etheric grid, which is the energetic map of the body it repairs structural damage that was cause by drama, trauma, and stress.

Next it starts flowing in to the Emotional body working on the emotional patterns held in this layer, it starts a process of elimination to assist in clearing these stored, stagnant feelings. It balances the charkas and brings a sedated feeling to stressful emotions.

As it flows in to the mental body the mind is quieted, allowing a connection to be established with the God-Source. The mental body is then balanced, thoughts, structure of ideas, patterns that deal with or create genetic, cellular, and generational dis-eases are address.

Then Reiki flows in the astral body. Reiki addresses the karmic issues, which are brought in the cellular make-up of the DNA. As the energy works in this layer, one may find that issues of the past come up to be cleared. Energies that attract or repel life situations, aspects of interactions with other energies, and the magnets of the body are balanced and adjusted.

The energy flows in to the spiritual body next. It recharges our true blueprint or our life purpose, or goal. Then strengthens the connection to our higher self, working with our divine will.

After the spiritual body Reiki flows to the celestial body, here, it works on the unblocking the knowledge of the universal wisdom. It recharges the divine love connection we have, the connection to All, the oneness.

As it flows to the last body, the ketheric, it recharges the divine mind, the part of us that know who and what we are. It strengthens our outer shell that separates our energy from other energies on the planet.

Reiki is classified as Laying-on-of-hands, but it reaches for beyond what our hands can actually touch. It transcends the physical dimension and travels to all aspects of our life. It is recommended that 3 Reiki sessions should be done with in 21 days of the first treatment. I suggest that they are closer if the dis-ease has anchored itself in the body and manifested in the physical dimension already.



Seichem (SSR) Sekhem - Seichim - SKHM

Spellings of the word differ: it is spelled Seichim or Seichem (Sanskrit), Sekhem (Egyptian), SKHM (Arabic). Each one is a phonetic rendition that means 'mystery' or 'sacred might'.

This empowering form of hands on healing traces it origins back to Shin Yon Buddhists who travelled to Egypt to be initiated into the temples of the ancient mystery schools. It is commonly said that Seichim is of a different vibrational frequency than Reiki. As I understand it, it is merely an extension of the same energy, an overlay that extends into higher deeper realms. Through my research it is said that the energy of Seichem is feminine and when combines with Reiki. Combined it creates a ONENESS moving our consciousness to the highest plain, away from the duality.

The procedure is very similar to reiki and uses symbols to impart the frequencies to the client. The vibration automatically adjusts to physical systems, and will not cause harm. The client often describes gentle waves or energy flowing over there body. As the session progress’ the energy is store around the client in the ethereal fields and continues to incorporate into there physical body for 3 days.

Seichem (SSR) Sekhem - Seichim - SKHM

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is said to be the father of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was the secret to the Yellow Emperor health and vitality. Qi Gong dates back over 5000 years and has been pass down and taught to the elite for centuries.

Qi Gong promotes health on many levels. On the physical level practitioners notice increase energy, blood circulation, digestion, detoxification, strengthens the immune system, slows down aging and produces relaxation. From a scientific point it improves microcirculation to the brain, vital organs, endocrine system, intestines, and the largest organ of the body, the skin. With the increase blood flow the feedback systems of the body work more efficiently. As the body become aligned increase hormones, muscular endurance, and sex drive become higher. Some practitioners find that Qi Gong is a powerful form of exercise.

A Massage application of Qi Gong can activate health and vitality. It can jump start one in becoming aligned energetically, by using the magnetic energy fields of the body. The client will become aware of the energy flow in and around the body. This is promotes healing and a deep state of relaxation. The energy also maintains a charge in the etheric field and will integrate in the body over a 3 day period similar to Reiki and Seichim.

Qi Gong is a great add on to any of our services.


Arcing Light


An amazing energy system bringing spirit and soul in union with heaven. Laurna Malmberg, the initiator of the system, in 2002 gave this definition “Arcing Light Healing overrides blocked energy so it decomposes the blocked energy and replaces it actually with clear radial light.” Arcing Light Healing brings the light of another dimension onto the healer’s hands in a dimension overlay which influences the light energies of the healer.

This light energy corrects the movement of the cell’s energy to perfectly round and flowing, and reemphasizing it with clear radial light. Arcing Light moves in radial rings of different sizes throughout the body. Other things to note about this energy, is that the base or core of the energy resembles that of Qi Gong, or Tai Chi. The energy of Arcing Light is more of a horizontal connection instead of both directions as with Reiki (Rei- vertical flow, and Ki- horizontal flow). Also it differs from Reiki where the energy starts working in the core, instead of flowing in the subtle areas of the body and gentle working in towards the core as with Reiki.


Cold / Hot Packs

Cold packs reduce swelling, pain, can be used to stop bleeding or fluid build up, hot packs dilate blood vessels, creating more blood flow to the affected area which relaxes the muscles and reduces pain.
Clinical applications use cold and hot packs to create controlled inflammation and sometimes even alternating them in one session.




I use BioFreeze with my clients after a deep tissue or Acuassage! For the BioFreeze Website click here.







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